Becoming Your Own Money Order Company

The Benefits of Becoming Your Own Money Order Company

Please note: We are not a money order company. We do not sell money orders. We provide software that will allow you to be your own money order company You must currently be selling 10,000 money orders per month for the program to work for you.
Our backroom handles the entire operation for you including compliance, accounting, processing, anti-money laundering and customer service issues.

Why the concept of setting anyone up as their own money order company?

  • Realize the profits generated by money order sales within your own organization.
  • Generate investment funds/float from your daily sales.
  • Generate income from the escheat (non-cashed money orders) - 0.75% of money orders are never cashed.
  • Set your own guidelines on customer service issues.
  • Know that all the money orders you issue are financially secure.
  • No additional personnel required.

Basic procedure of becoming a money order company:

  • Decision on whether to make it a part of the present corporation or a separate corporation.
  • State licensing process.
  • Purchase money order machines.
  • Print money order forms.
  • Train personnel

Anti Money Laundering Compliance Program

  • Complete program provided.
  • Suspicious activity is automatically monitored by computer software with guidelines set by FinCEN and the IRS.
  • Training programs can be provided by us or materials made available to you for your normal associate training programs.
  • Information on suspicious activity is provided to the home office. Home office decides if a SAR is to be generated.

Basic Operations

  • Money order machines or POS systems poll daily into a host computer.
  • The daily data is merged into the data base for the money order company.
  • Money order presentments begin at the clearing bank.
  • The bank presents a file for each money order that is presented that day.
  • The daily presentments are cross-referenced with the money order company's database to verify the money orders being presented are valid. (No money orders can clear the bank unless they have been legitimately issued.)
  • The amount of the presentment is wired to the clearing bank each day.
  • Any debits "cleared amount differences" are requested the next business day.
  • Any credits "cleared amount differences" are cleared upon request of the bank.
  • A stand alone machine automatically prints data for sales audit at midnight each day. If issuing through a POS system the date is available when the days business is closed out.
  • Data for home office is available through a secure web site, which is updated three times daily. E-mailed reports are available if preferred.
  • Voids can be done at the store level the day they occur. If something needs to be voiced for a previous day, they must call. Once a money order has been voided it cannot clear the bank.
  • We have no access to your money at any time.

Store Support 24/7/365

  • Equipment support is provided for each agent or location.
  • Policy questions are handled within the predetermined guidelines, or by the money order company in extenuating circumstances.
  • Money order document stock is automatically replenished.

Consumer Support

  • There is a telephone number on the front of each money order which goes into an automated system that can answer most questions, but also tells them how to get to a person.
  • All claims are handled according to the predetermined policy of the money order company.
  • Policy questions are handled within the predetermined guidelines, or by the money order company in extenuating circumstances.
Our program will supply you everything you need to become your own money order company including a complete backroom operation. If you are selling money orders now nothing will change in the way you sell money orders. Except now you will receive income from several sources instead of just one.