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computerScreen_transAlternative Financial Solutions currently offers products and services in these areas:
  • Add Pawn To Your Existing Business
  • Unload Most Debit Cards / Give Cash 4 Debit / No MSB Restrictions
  • Develop Your Own Money Order Company
  • Guaranteed Payday Loan Software
  • Credit Card Processing


Pawn-Safe - Collateral Lending Made Easy

Designed for Check Cashers and Payday Lenders

pawn-safe-logo-blue-rotatedAdd Pawn To Your Existing Business.
Pawn-Safe was developed as a robust software and business model designed to help small financial service store fronts benefit by providing collateral lending as an additional service to their clientele.
Our Program Is Not Just Software, It Is Much More:
  • The First Cloud Based / Web Based Pawn Software Solution
    • Your data is kept securely on our servers and backed up multiple times daily
  • Browser Based
    • There is no software to install and there are no updates to worry about
    • The entire system runs in a browser window (Google Chrome browser (free) required)
  • eCommerce Tools
    • Manage your online sales on eBay, Amazon and Craigslist
  • Fully Functional Point-Of-Sale
    • Layaways supported
  • Real-time Product Valuation Tool
    • Get up to date pawn and retail valuation estimates for your loans and sales


computerScreen_transUnload Most Debit Cards / Over The Counter ATM
Our PC / Terminal Pin based product allows you to pull large sums of money from H & R Block and other similar tax refund company's cards, as well as government issued cards, social security cards, and any prepaid card while charging the cardholder a reasonable transaction fee. If your customer's existing card does not allow them access to ATM’s, with our product you would have the ability to pull any amount of the funds available on their card that they may want.

Become Your Own Money Order Company

moneyorderPlease note: We are not a money order company. We do not sell money orders

We provide software that will allow you to be your own money order company You must currently be selling 10,000 money orders per month for the program to work for you.


pdloan neonAre you a payday lender who is not sure how to handle your bad debt? Have you always wanted to become a payday lender but were afraid of the bad debt? Are you doing payday loans, but not getting the return you deserve?
Loan Safe is here to help.
The Loan Safe product allows you to have your loans 100% guaranteed in seconds. Just use your web browser or other approved POS software systems to securely submit information about your payday loan customer and we'll provide you with a guarantee or a denial based on information in our proprietary scoring system and from 3rd party verification services.
You are billed a fee for guaranteed transactions and once it's guaranteed, your worries are over. If the check goes bad, just mail the check to us, and the next business day we initiate an ACH transfer into your account. U.S. Recovery Services (or USRS) is our full service collection agency, fully licensed and effective.



  • We offer free audit of existing credit card processing to assess your current rates to see if we can save them money
  • We offer latest equipment at our cost usually under 350.00 for pin pad and machine or reprogram your existing machines if you are EMV ( chip reader ) compliant at no cost
  • Our equipment will run off phone line or internet connections
  • Online access to account information 24/7 as well as 800 help lines and processors cell #
  • Our rates are interchange ( cost ) plus will work with merchant to help control your cost of processing
  • 17 years in the processing business